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Welcome to Functional Nutrition

Eating Smart is the Smartest Way to Lose Weight

“At MindEat we don’t believe in generic solutions, dogmas or clichés advising about what you can or cannot eat. We believe in a scientific approach to nutrition. We don’t work with symptoms. We work with what causes them. 

In our treatments, we make use of biology, chemistry, physiology and nutrition to take perfect care of you.

We focus on weight management, fertility, pregnancy, childhood, menopause, sports and pathologies such as diabetes and heart diseases. 

We also have our line of natural supplements and we put a great effort on research and investigation to develop new and innovative care treatments. Through our workshops, we promote and teach the good practices to have a long and healthy life.

Our work is not guided by seasonal spread, but by the Code of Ethics of Nutritionists Association.

Every person has a different DNA, with specific and individual food reactions, metabolism and biological rhythm. So if you are unique, your body demands a high precision and custom-made nutrition plan.”

Dr. Rita Andrade


DNA & High Precision Nutrition
& your Very Special Unique Case

At MindEat we use science and technology to offer you the best care and wellness treatments. We are unique, just as you, and our concept is different from any other clinic. For us each client is special, that´s why every nutritional plan is customized according your DNA.


SMART LipoLaser

The future is here. The smarter way to sculpt your body with no pain. Non-invasive laser technology to shape your abdomen, back, thighs and submental (under the chin). 
(25 minutes eliminates 24% of unwanted fat cells without surgery)
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Clinical Nutrition

Functional Nutrition / Nutrigenetics
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Aesthetic Medicine

    Face Treatments / Body Treatments
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