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Functional Nutrition

More than a simple diet, functional nutrition personalizes nutritional therapy, regarding that each person has different needs, different food reactions and unique biological rhythms, according to his genes.

Functional nutritionist makes a preventive approach to the various pathologies and looks for the causes of the symptoms, using food or natural food supplements to complement and provide the nutrients that your body needs.

It acts in the management of weight, sports, fertility, childhood, menopause, pregnancy or in pathologies such as cardiovascular, hepatic, renal, cancer, degenerative, respiratory and intestinal diseases. Also benefits allergies, high cholesterol and diabetes.



Nutrigenetics is based on the unique genetic profile, designated by genotype (a set of genes of the organism) of each person.
Some of the genes that carry information that lead to certain diseases (cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, osteoporosis, cancer) can be silenced or activated by the use of certain foods or nutrients.

Through the knowledge of the genetic and behavioral profile of each client, nutrigenetics / nutritional genomics allows establishing the most effective food plan for each person, acting in the prevention of disease and in promoting well-being.



Food Intolerance

  • IgG Analysis reaction to 96 specific food
  • IgG Analysis reaction to 184 specific food


  • DNA HEALTH – Analysis of genes analysis associated with chronic diseases
  • DNA DIET – Analysis of genes associated with body composition
  • DNA SPORT – Analysis of genes related to athletic performance