"Nutrition is the science that turns food into the best medicine"


Rita Andrade – Nutritionist 

Nutrition Science prevents and helps healing what causes the diseases and it’s fundamental to achieve your plain physical, mental and social wellness.  At MindEat the Functional Nutrition and all nutrition plans are custom-made because every person is unique, with different metabolism, food reactions and biological rhythms, all based on our genes.


  • Master Degree in Nutrition Science - New Atlântica University Higher Institution 
  • Order of Nutritionists Member – 2944N
  • Master Degree in Communication Sciences - Nova University of Lisbon
  • Phd Degree (unfinished) in Communication (Health) - University of Lisbon
  • Scientific Investigation in Nutrition During Pregnancy - Investigation Center of New Atlântica University (CESOB)
  • Clinical Solutions for Addressing the Underlying Causes of Disease – Instititute for Functional Medicine
  • A Systems Approach to Reversing the Epidemic of Chronic Disease - Instititute for Functional Medicine
  • Introduction to Functional Nutrition: CSUCD - Instititute for Functional Medicine
  • Biochemical Analysis in Clinical Nutrition Course - New Atlântica University
  • Genetic Analysis Course – DNA Health / Nordic Laboratories
  • Nutrition During Pregnancy Professional Upgrade Course – Universidade Lusófona
  • Functional Nutrition During Pregnancy Seminar – Nutriscience, Education and Consulting
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics in Clinical Medicine Seminar – Nutriscience, Education and Consulting
  • European Congress of Functional Nutrition – Nutriscience, Education and Consulting

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